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Improve customer purchase path - 100 SHOPPERS

The path that the consumer takes from the moment of interest in the offer to finalizing the purchase is called the purchase path. In planning a sales strategy, this is a very important process that needs to be carefully designed. This is handled by an experienced department that also uses many analytical tools. A solution that can help optimize sales is the Where-To-Buy widget.

This tool was created by 100shoppers in response to the needs of customers and manufacturers who were wondering how to improve the customer purchase path. The widget definitely simplifies the way to finalize the transaction, because it directs the customer directly to the online store's website. This tool can be easily customized, and the necessary selection options can be added. In addition to the widget, the company also receives the ability to download reports based on the data obtained from customer behavior.

messages.published : 2023-08-13

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